Game of War: Fire Age – How to get free VIP status, casino chips, and more power

In Game of War: Fire Age, casino chips let you take a spin at the casino, which can net you big prizes if you play it often enough, and if you are lucky. VIP status affords you all kinds of benefits, such as faster construction time, free speed bonuses, and higher resource generation. Power is an indicator, both to your alliance, the ranking system, and to other players, how powerful your kingdom is. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

You can get more power from almost everything that you do in the game. Every time that you complete construction on a building or a building upgrade, you get more power. Every time that you train new troops, you get more power. Every time that you complete an empire quest, or every time that you complete research, you’ll also earn more power. If you level up your hero, you earn power as well.

Power cannot be taken away, even when all of your troops are killed. The only way that you can lose power is if you deconstruct a building, you’ll lose the amount of power that you had originally gained by building it and upgrading it. Build it again (or build a building of equivalent power) and you will get it right back.

The main way to get free VIP status is to check the alliance gifts as often as possible. In addition, when you take a spin in the casino, you can earn free VIP status from the gold treasure chests (which contain random prizes). Also, often, when you upgrade your stronghold, the bonus chest that you earn as a reward will offer free VIP status.

More casino chips can be had in the same way that VIP status is – from the alliance gift box. They can also be purchased from the alliance store, in exchange for loyalty. If the alliance leader decides to buy them with alliance points, you and everybody else in the alliance will earn more casino chips.

Casino chips and VIP status can also be earned from empire quests. Ironically, casino chips can be earned in the casino, if you are lucky enough to spin for them.

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