Game of War: Fire Age – Resource Guide, Part 2: More ways to get more food, wood, stone, ore and silver

Welcome to part 2 of the Game of War: Fire Age resource guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

You can spend gold directly on resources in the store tab, if you so choose to. Also, once you buy the marketplace, you can request resources from your alliance teammates, or send resources to other teammates who request it.

Use the academy to research new technologies to speed up resource earnings, or use your hero’s skill points to upgrade resource accumulation. Or under “boosts”, you can boost your hourly income of any one of the resources. The Gatherer boost will increase the speed at which you can raid a resource producing tile (such as a fort) on the map.

One of the great benefits of being in an alliance is the ability to get alliance gifts. These are gifts that are sent to every single member of the alliance every time someone buys a gold package – and many times, this will include resource bonuses, or if you’re lucky, even resource boost bonuses. Plus, you can buy resource boosts from the alliance store using loyalty points, or if you’re the alliance leader, using alliance points. If you are not the alliance leader, you can put a star next to what you want in the alliance catalog to throw a vote in and try to convince the leader to purchase it.

To ratchet up the prize quantity in the casino, you can pay some gold to switch to the high roller mode. High roller mode boosts the size of your prizes, as well as increases the chances of getting hefty resource prizes. In addition, if you are in VIP mode, you will receive an automatic boost to all of your resources.

One of the big draws about Game of War: Fire Age, is that it has a translation system built into the software that automatically translates other languages to the game language of your choice. Go to the menu and hit “Correct to earn”, and you can earn free resources by helping fix the translator’s errors or unknowns, and not only will you improve the quality of the game’s translation, you’ll also have a chance to earn free resources (and other goods) for participating.