Game of War: Fire Age Tips and Tricks Guide – Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Game of War: Fire Age is a brand new MMO strategy game for the iOS by Machine Zone that throws you into a huge world of PvP strategy, alliances, and wars. It’s the first of its kind to have a built in translator in the software, so players from the USA, Mexico, France, Japan and other countries are able to play together and to understand each other in the chats. Your goal is to carve out your space in the world of the game, join an alliance and help them while they help you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Game of War: Fire Age!

Unlike many other MMOs, this game is far more socially driven and alliance-based, so you should join a new alliance as quickly as possible. Once you are in, whenever you build or upgrade a building, a “help” button will appear next to the time left, so hit the help button and your alliance members will help complete it more quickly. If you want to help others in the same manner, go to the Alliance tab, then to Alliance Help. You’ll earn loyalty points for this.

Helping other alliance members will also help level up your alliance and give the alliance more funds to spend. If you are the leader of alliances, you can buy all sorts of bonuses in the Alliance Store. If you are the leader, you can spend Alliance Funds in the Catalog tab, or if you are not the leader, you can lobby the leader to do so. Anyone can spend loyalty points for boosts in the store, though.

Plus, once you are in an alliance, not only can you complete the daily quests that you earn in the game, but you can complete the alliance quests that appear, as well as get free gold just for joining an alliance. Complete both the daily and the alliance quests to double your chances of leveling up your hero and racking up skill points to use.

Early on in the game (and continuing on as you play), keep adding more and more troops, using your academy to research troops, and upgrade your barracks so that you can train the troops that you unlock in the academy. The more troops, the more power you have, and when you send out loads of troops at the same time, you’ll be able to raid other peoples’ castles and resources that much more quickly. Once your peace period is off, find abandoned castles to attack over and over again, since they will keep producing resources but their troops and defenses will die off quickly.

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