Game of War: Fire Age Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3 – Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Welcome to part three of the Game of War: Fire Age tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

If you want to unlock the ability to march multiple units of troops at a time, keep upgrading the stronghold. At stronghold level 6, you can do 2 marches at a time. At stronghold level 11, you can do 3 marches at a time. Level 16 unlocks 4 marches, and level 21 unlocks 5 marches.

To unlock the ability to imprison someone else’s hero, build a prison in the urban portion of your city. Once you build a prison, keep upgrading it for the ability to imprison more enemy heroes. If you want to execute an enemy’s hero, level your prison to level 15. Then earn sacrificial daggers and build an altar, and you’ll be able to kill a kidnapped hero, in exchange for bonuses given to your empire. At stronghold level 15, you’ll unlock the graveyard, which will allow you to bury the opposing hero.

The Wonder is the center of the kingdom, the “capital” if you will, and it will usually be controlled by an alliance. The alliance leader will be able to assign various boosts and various deboosts to whatever players they want to, as well as get INSANE amounts of silver, alliance points and loyalty points. If you want to take over the wonder, do the following:

First, go to the map screen, then hit the green (right) button at the top. Choose a kingdom (preferrably your alliance’s kingdom) and then attack it or start a war. Starting a war is preferred, because you will have to harness the full power of your alliance, using war rallies and manually organizing your alliance members to attack all at once. Find a meeting point for all of your troops and then attack.

You and your alliance members can teleport to the wonder forest in order to be in closer proximity, but occupying the wonder forest is difficult; if your city gets attacked and you lose a battle, you’ll be transported to a completely random location somewhere in the kingdom, so make sure that you can win before you even attempt to invade. So your best bet is to have your whole alliance teleport in, use your combined army powers and take out one kingdom at a time. Or attack from afar and THEN teleport in.

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