Game of War: Fire Age – Top 10 Tricks and Cheats

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Machine Zone Inc is a brand new company, so imagine their shock that Game of War: Fire Age has become one of the most popular MMORTS games on the app store, right up there with Dragons of Atlantis: Heirs of the Dragon and the other usual hits. It’s a dog-eat-dog world in this game, so you will need to do everything you can to become as strong as possible, and beat other players before other players beat you. Read on for the top 10 tricks for Game of War: Fire Age!

10) Join an alliance right away.
Before you do anything else, join an alliance as quickly as possible. There is FAR more to the game than can just be played in solo mode. You can stage joint attacks, help each other out, complete quests together and get all new bonuses.

9) Maximize the output of your resource buildings.
Your main resources are food, wood, stone and iron. Silver is your main non-premium form of currency. Increase your buildings’ output of all of these in order to facilitate literally everything else that you do in the game. Do research that increases the base output of all of your resource buildings, too.

8) Find abandoned kingdoms to attack.
No matter how strong your troops are, you’re essentually guaranteed success and resources if you find abandoned kingdoms to attack. If they have a high warehouse level they will mostly be good for silver, but if they don’t, then they will be easy money for acquiring all of the resources.

7) Upgrade your farms and food output higher than everything else.
Your troops will use an absolutely insane amount of food once your army grows larger and larger, but there’s no point in limiting the size of your army (obviously), so you’re going to need to increase farm output. If you want to give your food a chance to boost, though, you can always send your troops on a long journey, or station them in an encampment for awhile.

6) Research new troops as quickly as possible to unlock them.
The faster that you research new troops, the quicker that you will be able to take your army to advanced levels of power. Especially work towards this when you are in beginner protection, so that by the time protection is gone, you have a strong army with which to defend yourself.

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