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Gang Domination iPhone and Android Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints, and Strategies

Gang Domination is a browser-game-style card RPG by GREE games for the iPhone and the Android OS. It plays much like previous browser-game-styled card RPGs, such as Driland and Rage of Bahamut, but taken out of the fantasy setting and placed into an anime version of the gritty, gang filled underworld. Your goal is to beat the rival gangs, become the top gang of all, and smash your rivals. Read on for some tips and tricks!

Most people don’t do this, so doing this will put you at an immediate advantage. Go to the bottom option bar on the screen, and then click on “More”. When you click on that, another larger menu will pop up. Find the “Contacts” button and click it, and then add all six of the contacts that the game recommends for you. Do this and you will grow your gang much larger, VERY quickly, and you will be able to win boss battles much easier because you can borrow your friend’s cards for free.

As the chapters go on in the story portion of the game, it will take more and more energy to complete one single task. You can always go back and replay old chapters though, so once you need some more cards to use as fodder for the fusion portion of the game, go to the first and second chapters, to the missions that only cost 2 energy points apiece, and use them to get more cards to merge into your strong cards.

When you are fusing cards, fuse as many material cards into a base card at one time as possible, especially the first time you fuse, because you’ll save a lot of zennies this way. This is because the higher a level that the base card is, the more zennies that it will cost for each card that you want to fuse into it. Of course, this is also a good way to RAPIDLY level up your card and strengthen it.

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When you’re in battle mode, players are grouped by level, so take the gigantic reward bonus for completing the tutorial, max out your cards (it will barely make a dent compared to all the respect points that you got), and then merge all of them into 3 cards. Then do the same thing again with 3 more cards. Then finally, do the same thing again with 4 cards. You will have an EXTREMELY powerful battle team and be unbeatable in battles for quite some time.