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Gardenscapes: New Acres – How to get free lives

Gardenscapes: New Acres is Playrix’s newest game, and it combines the city-builder and match-three puzzle game genres to make for a unique experience. Like most match-three games, you have a specific amount of lives, which are the energy of the game, represented by hearts, and once you lose them, you have to wait for them to come back, although there are ways to get free lives. Here is how to get free lives in Gardenscapes: New Acres!

Once you run out of lives, you will be prompted to do one of two things: either purchase more lives, or connect to Facebook in order to hit up your friends for more lives. It costs a whopping 900 coins to refill lives, so your best bet is to connect to Facebook. That way, you can ask your friends for lives, and they can ask you for lives.

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Depending on what your friends list on FB looks like, though, you might not have any friends who play the game. Your best bet, if you plan to send invites, is to send your invites to other people who play puzzle games on Facebook or on a mobile device, such as Candy Crush or Farm Heroes. These friends are the most likely to be open to trying another puzzle game.

If you still don’t want to bother your FB friends, go to the App Store or Google Play review pages and look for people who are making add-me requests. Also look on forums or on the comment section of this article for other people who have posted add-me requests, or post your own requests if you want people to add you on Facebook.

If you do not want to add people on your standard account, start a second Facebook account, one that is strictly for adding people for games-related purposes. Look on Facebook for groups and people related to Gardenscapes, and add them and send lives to them, and ask them to send you lives. Do this and you can keep on playing forever, theoretically.

If you are about to lose at a stage and you have one or two moves left until you beat the stage, spend the 500 coins in order to get five extra moves. Now use those extra moves and beat the level. 500 coins for five extra moves is much cheaper than 900 coins for a refill of your lives.