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Gardenscapes: New Acres – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies, Page 3

If you want to have all of the lives you want, but you have no friends who play on Facebook, and no possible way of getting more people to play the game, start another Facebook account and hunt down people who play the game who are willing to add you on Facebook. Look for a Facebook page about the game, or a subreddit, or when Playrix finally fixes the forum for the game, look at the forum for GNA. Or look on one of the forums for one of the other Gardenscapes games.

You can always change the look of any decoration at any time in your garden. All that you have to do is tap the decoration and hold down on it. When you do this the other choices for that particular decoration will appear, allowing you to change the overall appearance of the mansion grounds bit by bit.

Want to make more auto-matches in general? Then make matches as low on the board as possible when you are in the middle of a round. When you make them low, all of the tiles above them will move, and the more tiles overall that move, the better shot you have of making an auto-match, or having combinations go off above where you actually made your move.

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Be sure to keep tabs on the Gardenscapes Facebook page, because they hold contests there that are Facebook-exclusive for free coins. They will often give away 15,000 coins at a time or more, but not many people know about the contests, because not that many players of the game visit their Facebook page… yet.

If you want to transfer the game from one device to the other or to secure your account, be sure to login to Facebook from the game on the original device, then do the same thing on the second device to get your game back. If you lost your garden and you need to figure out how to get it back, contact customer support from the options menu, give as many details as possible, such as your username and location, and they will try their best to restore your account.

Right now as of the time of this writing, the Instagram and Twitter pages for this game do not exist. Hit the ‘report an issue’ button above and send the developers issue reports until they get on it and actually make a page.

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