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Gardenscapes: New Acres – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Gardenscapes: New Acres is a hugely popular new match-3 game for the iOS and Android platforms, as well as for Facebook and other browsers. This new game has a familiar name, being a part of the same series as the Gardenscapes series of hidden object games. Your goal is to rebuild the old mansion and the surrounding garden grounds, and to do this you have to complete puzzles to earn coins and stars, and complete missions to repair the mansion using your rewards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gardenscapes: New Acres!

For each life that you lose, you have to wait half an hour for it to come back on its own, but if you want to get that life back for free, you can ask Facebook friends for more lives. Just be sure to send lives to them as well. The easiest way to find more people to add if you don’t know anyone who plays the game and you don’t feel comfortable inviting anyone, is to check the comment section of this post or in the review section of the App Store or Google Play.

If all that you want to do is match stuff without having to worry about rebuilding the mansion, you can do that for as long as you want. Obviously, nothing will get done on the mansion, and you will eventually have to continue on the mansion if you want to earn some coins, but if you aren’t needing to spend any coins extra moves and you just want to match stuff without messing with the mansion, you can do just that.

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Making a match out of four pieces or five pieces will give you different types of special bombs, which can either be used on their own or mixed with other bombs a la Candy Crush in order to blow up bigger chunks of the matching field. You can also double-tap a bomb in order to blow it up without having to match it with another combo. Continue blowing up bombs in order to earn a rainbow piece, which knocks out all of one color. Unfortunately, you cannot match a rainbow piece with a bomb of any kind.

You have to spend coins in order to purchase one of the repairs for your current area, but you will not typically run out of coins unless you are incessantly running out of moves during the rounds, and purchasing more moves every time. Nevertheless, you can always play more rounds in order to earn more coins, or you can purchase more coins as an in-app purchase.

Even if you do not plan to trade lives with people on Facebook, you should still connect the game as quickly as you can. Doing so will earn you 1,000 free coins, so if you have spent all of your coins on extra moves or are stuck on a tough stage, this will be of an instant help. You can always log out and then log in under a different account later if you want to use a game-only account and add a lot of people who play Gardenscapes: New Acres to your friend list.

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