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Garfield GO – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Garfield GO is a new augmented reality game for the iOS and Android, and one of the first legitimate Pokemon GO clones. This game presents a significantly less stressful and combat-oriented experience than that game, as all that you do here is feed Garfield, collect coins, and collect chests with trinkets inside. Of course, you have to feed Garfield, since he’s an infamously gluttonous cat. Read on for some tips and tricks for Garfield GO!

Sometimes, for no reason, all of the coins will disappear from the map. The placement of the coins is not set; it will reset whenever you close and open the app. So to get all of the coins to reappear, shut down the game and then open it back up again. After the game goes through the restarting sequence, all of the coins will be back.

Make sure to bake a LOT of food to take with you before you go on a run. To bake, go to My Bag and tap on food. Baking is free for any type of food, it just takes longer to complete depending on how premium the food is. Lasagna, which earns you diamond chests, takes 90 minutes, while donuts, which earn wooden chests, take 10 minutes. You can coin-finish any food that you’re baking to make it happen right away.

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You’ll need that food because before you collect a coin, you’ll have to feed Garfield. Take a ton of food with you because if you find a coin and try to collect it but you don’t have any food, you’re gonna be screwed because you won’t be able to collect any coins.

The difference between the chests that you can dig up with the foods is that the rarer the chest, the better the trinkets you get. The trinket tier matters because you can put sets of trinkets together in order to earn free coins. The trinkets that come out of the rarer chests will pay you more money.

You can go to the settings and shut off augmented reality in order to make it really easy to throw food to Garfield, just like in Pokemon Go. If you want to keep the A/R on, know that you don’t have to control the distance of the food swipe at all. All you have to do is aim the direction that you want it to go.