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Gate Rusher: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Gate Rusher is a new game by Voodoo for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to go through the gates and make it to the next level. You can compete in increasingly difficult levels, crash through gates that are increasingly far away from each other, and compete for the highest possible scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gate Rusher!

There is no way to backtrack and play an old level; when you play the game, you’re always automatically taken to the level that you haven’t beaten yet. If you want to go back, you can delete the game and then download and reinstall it; however, this will take you all the way back to level one if you do this. Better to just grind through the current levels.

You can collect gems as you go, with many levels having a long string of gems around the middle of the stage. If you collect all of the gems in this long string, then all of the gates in front of you will line up in a row in the middle, so you can rush through them with minimal effort. A few gates at the end will stay in their original positions, though, so be ready to make swift movements in order to avoid crashing into a wall.

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Even though you can collect the diamonds, right now there is absolutely nothing to spend them on. The game is brand new as of the writing of this article, though, and Voodoo has a habit of adding new games to the app store before they finish their customization and/or store functions, so expect Voodoo to send out a new update later on adding the store to the game. Right now, it’s just the game plus ads.

Some of the ads can be a little bit intrusive, especially if you are playing over and over to try to beat a hard level. In this case, turn airplane mode on, or shut off the data on your phone or tablet in order to block the internet signal. Block the signal, and the ads can’t load, allowing you to play with an ad-free experience.

Hit the trophy icon to compare your high score to the highest scores of anybody who has ever played the game on the same platform. Game Center is used for comparing iPhone and iPad scores, while Google Play is used for comparing Android players against other Android players.