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Gear.Club – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Gear.Club is a new racing game for the Android and iOS platforms. You get to choose between a huge variety of real-life cars in this arcade-style game, from the Camaro all the way up to the McLaren P1. Your goal is to win races against multiple other competitors, win prize money and gold, and unlock new cars and upgrades. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gear.Club!

One thing that can be changed in the settings is the level of assistance in the controls. Go to Options, Race, then Aids for three different presets as well as custom brake, anti-skid and steering tuning. While more assistance is easier to handle than less assistance, less assistance can enable you to put down faster lap times once you learn how to handle the unassisted car properly.

In addition, change the controls even if you like the setup that you have now, just so that you know what else is out there. The second tilt option will keep the default controls but acceleration will be manual, meaning you can let off the gas when braking into a turn or even heel-toe into a turn (hitting both the gas and brake at the same time). Or use the button turn controls for something that’s much easier to control than the other two setups.

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When you need a break from the main races, go to the flash event and you will be given a car to race against an opponent, in exchange for lots of prize money. This is one scenario in which it can be far better to run with more assistance. The flash event regenerates in half an hour if you lose, but if you win, you can take that huge reward and roll it into a car from the next tier up, or towards serious upgrades for your current car.

The more that you damage your car, the worse that it will perform in each consecutive race. Before you log off of the game for the day, go to the performance shop and have them repair the car. It will take some time to repair, which is why it is best to do when you are about to log off, but when you log back in the next time, your car will be at its top levels of performance when you play again.

As you gain levels, go back to your performance shop and expand the number of stations inside. You’ll be able to do engine modifications early on in the game. However, as you unlock new areas, you will be able to add various categories of mods such as tires and suspension, or the custom paint area, or even furniture and locker rooms. Better locker rooms will allow you to recruit better engineers while furniture and vending machines will earn you cash rewards.