Gemini Strike – How to get more ships and rare equipment

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Gemini Strike is Armor Games’ bullet hell throwback that will incite either nostalgia or panic attacks for any veteran of the ’90s classics, and for those who don’t remember Raiden II and similar, it’s a great introduction to an old genre made new. You can get some real rare equipment in this game, but it isn’t immediately revealed how to do it. Plus, you can get some new ships to really increase your effectiveness. Read on to find out how to get both of these!

Normally after a level is done, you will be prompted to open a cargo box in exchange for 100 gems, which increases to 105 gems, then 110 gems, and so on and so forth the further that you get into the game. Usually, this will be a normal piece of equipment; however, every so often you’ll strike gold and end up with a rare one.

The best chances for a rare item will be in the black market, which is unlocked somewhere in the middle of the first chapter. Once you unlock it you will be able to buy a rare cargo box for 3 Credits (the premium currency of this game). After paying the credits, the box will be opened with an almost 100 percent chance for a rare equipment.

Play the daily event missions as often as possible as when you do, and you win, oftentimes you will get the chance to open up the rare cargo box. If you get the chance here, it will cost only 1 Credit instead of the 3 Credits that it will cost in the black market. Otherwise, it is exactly the same here as there. You will have a 100 percent chance for rare equipment.

Sometime in the middle of chapter three you will unlock the new ship store. Go here and a whole host of new ships will be available to buy. All that you have to do is pay Credits. The cheapest ones cost 7 Credits, while the most expensive ship, the Anvindr, costs a whopping 25 Credits.

That’s the only way to earn new ships, so save up all the credits that you earn throughout the game in order to get more of them. If you want to reset the saved game, then play knowing what you know now (enough not to waste credits on restarting levels), go to the options screen and tap the red button at the bottom of the list.

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