Gemini Strike – Top 20 Tips, Cheats, Hacks and Tricks, Page 4

5) Log onto Facebook in order to have a second ship (a friend’s ship) join you on missions.
They will fly alongside you, firing when you fire and moving wherever you move, and they will even be impervious to mines. Once they are shot down, they are gone for the rest of the round, but they have just as much health as your sidekick as they would in their own single player mode. If you don’t log on with Facebook, you will still sometimes get stranger ships as sidekicks, and then you can add them as friends afterwards if they have a configured profile

4) How to start the game over
If you want to start the game over and erase your saved game, then go to your options menu, and then hit the red button that says “reset data”. Note that if you reset the data in the game, there is no way to get your old saved game back, so be careful before you do this and make sure this is what you actually want to do.

3) Take advantage of your ship’s automatic recovery
You’ll automatically get back about 5 percent of your maximum life every 6 seconds or so, so if you are low on health, hang around and avoid getting hit with enemy fire. Hang out until you recover your health, then launch another attack. This is especially useful in boss battles. Also, look for equipment that has healing secondary characteristics, such as gem transform (recovers health when you collect gems)

2) Update the game whenever the developers release a new update
This will resolve issues that players often have. For example, the (as of this date) most recent update nerfs the enemy homing missiles, which previously were insanely unbalanced because they would chase you around for thirty seconds at a time, making it hard-to-impossible to avoid them. Plus, a gem doubler in-app purchase was recently added allowing you to spend 7 dollars US (or the equivalent in your local currency) to make it so that each gem is worth two gems.

1) Sell any of your old items for extra gems
If you get sick of having a loaded inventory and your old items fill it up so much that you run out of room, then just sell your old ones and earn gems in the process. Better yet, stop accepting common cargo boxes so that you don’t have to waste gems to open them.

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