Gentle Sniper: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Gentle Sniper is a new spin on the Sniper game genre where you aim and shoot for the most accurate shot, like in traditional sniper games, but where the gentle part comes into play is that you shoot inanimate objects, and/or make shots that don’t involve causing pain.

Such shots include “shooting” food to a cat, or shooting a soccer ball into a goal. You can move through increasingly more difficult levels and shots, unlocking new guns as you go.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Gentle Sniper!

Your first tap will aim the bar that moves vertically, and your second tap will aim the bar that moves horizontally. Together those bars form the crosshairs, and where the crosshairs lands is where your shot goes.

There is a bit of a delay, though, between the time that you tap and the time that the bars stop moving. This is because the bar sets when you let go of the screen, not when you tap the screen. So tap the screen just before where you want to land the crosshairs, and let go at the exact moment.

There are plenty of new guns to unlock in this game, which fire at different speeds and which contain differently sized bullets. The bigger the bullet and the faster it shoots, the easier it is to aim.

You can unlock them, but there is no currency in the game, so you unlock them in one of two ways. One is to pick one of the guns that unlocks via ad video and then watch videos; the other is to fire a specific number of bullets overall in the game.

Hit the options menu button in the middle of the game and you will see your usual options, such as turning sound and haptic on and off. Look at the top though, and you’ll actually find a level select screen. You can move back or forward to any other level that you have previously played, or to the level that you are currently on.

You can skip any level you want by watching an ad video. Tap the “skip” button at the top left area of the screen to skip it, and a video will play; once the video is done you’ll move onto the next level, though you can use the above level select option to go back whenever you want to.

If you want to disable the ads, then set your phone or tablet into airplane mode, or play the game somewhere where you won’t have any data. Of course, this also disables the voluntary ad videos, so you’ll cut off about half of the new guns that you can possibly earn.

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