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Geometry Dash World – Tricks and Cheats: Tips and Strategies to Beat All Levels and Unlock More

Geometry Dash World is another entry into the Geometry Dash series of smash-hit games for the iOS and Android platforms. You have to tap to jump, and know when to jump and when to let yourself fall, in order to get through the extremely tough levels that have become a hallmark of this game. You can collect orbs and unlock new characters as well, moreso than in the previous games. Read on for some tips and tricks for Geometry Dash World!

Head to the shop area if you want to purchase new characters. Each one of them costs orbs, and you earn orbs in the levels themselves, but the easiest way to get more orbs is to go to the “Shop” area and watch an ad video for 100 free orbs. If the video button disappears, close the game with the double-tap menu button function and then open it back up again and go to the same area, and the orbs will show back up again.

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You can earn the orbs in the levels themselves if you go through a new area that you have not gone through before. So if you set a high score on a level, the orbs will be earned for the area that you have not yet traversed. If you go back through a level, though, you won’t earn any orbs at all. You will have to go through new area before you can get new orbs in this game.

Go to the title screen and tap on one of the characters that’s racing from left to right. If you catch it correctly, you will unlock a new color. You can also unlock more new colors in this game by finishing new levels, and by completing the quests that frequently pop up on the settings menu. You can not only unlock new colors, but you can earn free diamonds as well.

If you go to the character select screen, you will see characters locked with both silver locks and gold locks. Any of the silver locks means that you will have to buy the full version of Geometry Dash in order to unlock them. If you see a gold lock, that means that you can unlock them without having to spend any real life money. Typically you unlock them by collecting a specific number of stars or playing user-created levels.

Hit the “free levels” button and you will be prompted to download Geometry Dash Meltdown. Download it and no free levels will show up; the free levels that it talks about will be the normal levels within Geometry Dash Meltdown itself. Be sure to hit the daily button and get the free chests as often as they come available. That’s about once every four hours for the common chest and once every day for the rare chest.