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Ghost Tappers: Top Tips, Glitches, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

Ghost Tappers, also known as Ghost Trappers (they’re the same game) is a new iOS and Android game where you tap to trap ghosts, hire heroes to do the trapping for you, and rack up the doubloons, gems, and other goodies. You can go through level after level, fighting tougher and tougher ghosts, using traps and earning VIP points, and even prestige and adopt pets with bonus benefits. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ghost Tappers/Trappers!

When upgrading your ghosts, your default is to level them up one level at a time, but tap on the tap at the upper right corner of the ghost upgrading menu to change that. You can either do x10, x25, x100, or MAX. Change it to MAX to upgrade a ghost of your choice to the highest possible level. This will allow you to see immediately which ghost has the biggest benefit in DPS from taking a max upgrade.

Unlock traps in order to use powerful active abilities. Arguably the most important trap is the Ghost Trapper trap, which allows you to take a picture of a ghost and add it to your photo album. Each ghost in your album gives you one VIP point, and when you earn enough VIP points, you upgrade your VIP level, which gives you big bonuses – for example, VIP1 gives you 1.5x all damage and one epic item.

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Mocktails are a special drink that give you major bonus benefits for a couple of hours when you select it. One example is the Spookpirinha, which doubles all of the damage that you deal for two hours. You can drink up to three Mocktails at a time, get more through chests or with gems, and even when you are offline, the Mocktails will still have an effect.

Once you reach a certain level in the game, you can prestige. Prestige unlocks after level 100 the first time that you play, and when you do, you’ll get treats. Treats don’t do anything by themselves, but when you spend treats, you can get companions. Companions don’t go away when you prestige again, unlike the rest of the upgrades. The more you have, the more each one costs, but you can also upgrade companions, often for smaller costs, or you can release a companion and get your treat cost back.

You can load up on a massive amount of free gems by completing various achievements. Tap on your avatar and then tap on the star logo to see what achievements you’ve completed and, if applicable, to collect your earnings. You need an internet connection in order to successfully earn gems, though, so the achievement screen is useless if you are playing without one.


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