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Ghostbusters: Slime City – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Ghostbusters: Slime City is a new iOS and Android petal-shooter game for the iOS and Android. Your goal is to respond to ghost calls and destroy the ghosts, while signing contracts and staking claims throughout the city. You can earn cash and gold, upgrade your electron and proton packs, and blast through harder and harder levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Ghostbusters: Slime City!

During most levels you will have a wide choice of weapons. There’s the machine gun, and a number of slower yet more damaging weapons. Use the weapons with a longer charge but higher damage in order to kill ghosts safely and hide while the weapon charges. Watch the ghosts’ shots and then shoot when they stop firing.

Shoot all of the scenery that you can in the background of levels. There’s quite a lot of it that contains cash, so if you shoot it, you’ll earn a bonus. Look for cars, barrels, boxes, big machines, and other background items which look like they have half a chance at being breakable. Shoot it before you kill the last ghost because then it will be gone.

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Upgrading your characters’ outfits will do nothing for your performance in the levels, but upgrading your proton and electron packs will. Hit the edit button to upgrade. You’ll need cash for the common upgrades, gold for the premium ones, and parts cards for the most powerful legendary upgrades. Cards can be purchased in the card pack store or won by beating new levels.

Tap on Central Park once a day to feed Slimer in exchange for cash. You’ll have to swipe up as quickly as possible – the faster you do, the more cash you get. You can also look for free gold coins on the map, as they pop up fairly regularly. Save up enough gold and you can buy the premium gadgets and upgrades.

Go back to old levels that you have already beaten for a chance to earn new rewards by completing quests that weren’t available the first time. Or simply complete missions that you have already completed, because the drops are randomized, so if you didn’t earn that rare or legendary drop the first time that you played through a level, you have a chance to earn it the next time that you play through it.