Giant Boulder of Death: How to get more Coins and Gems

Giant Boulder of Death is Adult Swim’s bizarre new endless-rolling game for iOS and Android. Much like most games of this type, there are two types of currencies, which are coins (the standard currency) and gems (the premium currency of the game, and the one that normally costs real money to buy). Coins are used to purchase the various available upgrades in the game, as well as to get a head start and to extend the length of said head start. Gems are used to continue or to bypass quests. Read on for tips on how to get more of both!

One easy way to get free coins is to go to the store menu, and go to where the game offers you 1,000 free coins for liking GBOD on Facebook or following on Twitter. Tap the like button, but then after you get switched out of the app, don’t “like” – instead go back into the app. You’ll have 1,000 coins. Do the same for the follow button. If the like and follow buttons still appear even after you do this, then you can do the same thing again and again until the buttons disappear.

Coins are obviously collected in the stages that you play; however, they are far easier to collect if you spin and unlock the Coin Sucker. This actually collects coins and gems far more easily, and the higher that the Coin Sucker is upgraded, the farther a distance that it can suck coins and gems from.

You get a coin reward when you score higher, as well. The reward equals out to approximately 12 coins for every 1000 points that you score. Maximize your score and you’ll end up with more coins, naturally. Plus, if you buy the coin doubler from the store, you can double all of the coins that you collect in the stage, and the coins that you earn as a reward for beating the stage.

To make more gems appear on the stage (this is the only way to get free gems), upgrade the gem multiplier in the upgrade store. Spin and you have a chance at landing the multiplier; use gems to maximize the multiplier and you’ll have a 50% better chance of finding gems, although this is only really worth it if you are regularly going at least 10,000 meters on every stage.

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