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Giant Boulder of Death: Part 3 of the Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part three of the Giant Boulder of Death beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

After you complete enough missions, you’ll unlock the ability to get a head start. This happens as the boulder is first rolling down the hill. Hold down on the screen to skip ahead. The longer you hold the screen, the further you skip ahead. You’ll use up coins while you’re getting a head start, however, so if you are trying to save up for upgrades, use the head start sparingly.

When you’re in the title screen, tap on the target icon and you’ll go to the “gallery of victims”, which shows everything that you have unlocked so far. Tap each one, and you can read some info on it, including whether or not it will kill you or try to kill you (such as the Uber Tank). Uber Tanks shoot out homing mines, so watch out for what they shoot.

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You’ll also see how many points everybody and everything is worth if you destroy them, at least before taking the multiplier into account. Each object is worth the given score times the multiplier, and the more times that you fill the bar in the stgae, the higher the multiplier goes. Each fill is worth 3X on the multiplier, with two midpoints in between. So for example, by the first Invinciboulder you’ll have 4x and by the second one, you’ll have 7x, while by the third one you’ll have 10x.

The further you go into the stage, the faster the stage gets, and the more clustered the objects become. This is where jumping becomes important, because you’ll be jumping a LOT in order to avoid the spike walls and the homing mines, as well as to avoid falling off the side.

If you die, then unless a mine blows you up or you fall down a ditch, you’ll glow red while the game waits on you to continue or not. If you choose not to continue, then your boulder blows up, and all of the fragments will damage everything in front of them. You can still control the boulder while you’re waiting, though, enabling you to earn some extra points. Plus, if you jump right before the boulder blows up, the fragments will launch farther, and typically, will destroy more objects.

While there is no head-to-head mode in GBOD, you can still connect to Facebook and Game Center in order to compare scores with your friends, as well as to enter them into a weekly tournament.

That’s all for Giant Boulder of Death! Enjoy the game!