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Giraffe Evolution: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Giraffe Evolution is the fourth of the “evolution” series of games by Tapps, which expand on the original Alpaca Evolution concept and let you evolve normal animals into all kinds of psychotic, insane shapes. The goal in this game is to collect coins and rubies, use them to buy more goodies and giraffes, and collect diamonds, the premium currency of the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Giraffe Evolution!

The tractor is essential because it allows you to keep earning coins while the game is off. To earn even more, though, leave the game open on the highest unlocked view and leave the phone somewhere. Make sure that your phone or tablet is set not to auto-lock ever. This will double to triple your earning speed instantly, especially on the world view.

You can hack the tractor and cheat in the game by setting the time ahead, and then going back to the game and collecting your coins. If the game “catches” you, though, then it will shut off the tractor and the boxes, so if you do this, be sure that you don’t set the time backwards. That tends to be when the game catches you.

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Treat the game like a tap-tap game if you want to earn even faster. Tap on your highest giraffe in order to earn coins by making them poop more. If you are on the Mars level, then tapping on your giraffe can earn you a LOT more rubies compared to simply letting the tractor do its work. Rubies are very slow to earn.

To earn rubies the fastest, though, stay on Earth and keep giving aliens the giraffes when they appear to ask you for them. After awhile, go to Mars and you will be able to buy far more of them than you otherwise would. Any time that you run out of rubies, go back to Earth and do the same thing over again.

You can earn free gems very quickly without having to spend any money. If you go to the Box icon and click for a free gem, one like on Facebook will earn it for you. Otherwise, keep opening boxes and they will appear every so often. When you unlock a new giraffe on Earth (not on Mars) you will sometimes earn free diamonds as well.