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Glamour Me Girl – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Glamour Me Girl is a new iOS game where you get to dress up models, shop for clothes for them, and do various kinds of jobs to earn them more money. You can collect outfits and outfit pieces, put them on models for various purposes, and do jobs to earn more money with which to purchase more outfits. Read on for some tips and tricks for Glamour Me Girl!

It almost doesn’t matter at all whatsoever what kind of outfit you put your model in. All that matters is that there is either a dress or a top piece and bottom piece, and a pair of shoes, with maybe an accessory or two thrown in. Seriously, it’s possible to get at least two stars, if not three, with the same outfit every time. Even a bikini or a bra and thong, as long as they are paired with shoes, can somehow get you two or three stars.

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Everything that you do uses some energy, so if you want to get your energy back, go to the date and time settings on your phone and set them ahead by however much time you need to in order to get all of your energy back. If you reset the time back to normal, though, you’ll lose all of this extra energy. Don’t set the time back to normal until you absolutely have to.

The jobs are the most challenging part of the game. You have to catch stuff with the bag. Avoid catching the cash register until after you fill up your bag with clothes and tips. The clothes will earn you cash for filling a customer’s request accurately. The coins will earn you more tips from satisfied customers. Catch a cash register whenever you are ready to end the round.

Load up your character with as many accessories as possible during a photoshoot. Go to the closet and look for what is available, from watches to lipstick to new eye color and shapes. The more you load her up, the higher you score will be, no matter what the type of look is that you are supposed to create.

Go back to stages that you have earned less than three stars on when you have more outfits to work with. Those extra pieces and accessories will make it far easier to score loads of points and to make up those lost stars. Three star scores will earn you free gems.