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Glee Forever! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Glee Forever is a new musical mobile game based off of the TV show, of course. You get to play as your favorite McKinley High performers here, performing songs and navigating the obstacles thrown up by the Principal Figgins and Sue Sylvester. You can recruit new performers, unlock new music and gain boosts. Read on for some tips and tricks for Glee Forever!

When playing one of the performances, it’s best to have your headphones on, or at least to have the sound on even without the headphones. You can still do well if you play without any music, but it’s a lot easier to time your taps correctly when you can hear the music. Then you don’t have to pay much attention to the exact moment that the hollow circle is on top of the opaque circle.

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Your best performers are chosen for each level automatically, so there is not much team micromanagement to be done. Usually, your rare and super rare performers will be in most of the songs, so they are the ones that should get the majority of the boosts. Don’t boost the common ones; they are usually the first to be replaced once you unlock another rare performer.

Rare, super rare and ultra rare performers can be bought by spending Glee Coins (or hall passes) in the card store. Free coins can be had in many ways in this game. Go to the goals menu and complete them to earn free coins. Also, you’ll earn more coins for completing specific performance milestones, or for leveling one of your performers up to their maximum level using the boosts.

If you want to unlock solo songs, you’ll have to stage up a character. Once you stage up a character four times, you can unlock their solo songs. You can earn a character’s stage up card from recruiting or from song rewards, which increases their stats and their level cap.

The events are a great way to earn free super rare cards and other goodies. Go to the performance menu and go to the events button and you’ll see limited time performances which give you a chance at unlocking special performers. Some of them will be locked; others, though, can be played right away.