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Glowing Gloves: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Glowing Gloves is a new boxing game for the iOS platform where you fight in a first-person perspective against a fighter controlled by a rival player. Your goal is to beat the other player and earn cash and gold, while increasing your boxer rank and winning percentage. Read on for some tips and tricks for Glowing Gloves!

Action is a bit disjointed, but the main thing to remember is that you have three punches that you mainly use, which are jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. You can also move around while you’re fighting, and your phone’s ARKit system will sense the movements and move your fighter sideways, back, and forth, allowing for a very strategy-driven fight.

If you just sit and punch, you’ll have infrequent success, but as in real-life boxing, movement is the key to victory. You have to move around frequently and side-step punches. Back up when you need to get a breather. When your enemy starts backing up or slows down their punches, bear down on them, throw a series of punches, and knock them out. Bearing down on your opponent consistently is the key to victory.

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Once your done with the fight, your fighter will be scanned. If you lost the fight, then four out of the six slots for your fighter will have a weakening condition, and two of them will have a strengthening condition. If you win the fight, then two of them will have a weakening condition and four of them will have a strengthening condition. Even if you lose, though, you can keep rescanning by watching video ads until you get a positive condition. Build up multiple positive conditions for extreme boosts to your boxer.

Each time that you level up, you earn skill points for your fighter. Skill points allow you to either boost your smarts, stamina, health, defense, or punching power. All of these stats are important and your boxer should stay well-rounded, but if you have a specific technique that favors one skill over the others, then upgrade that skill higher.

You can use coins to buy all kinds of gear. All of the gear is cosmetic, with none off it giving any performance boosts. Oddly enough, you can’t buy coins OR gold using in-app purchases; it all has to be earned from the game itself. Level up to earn more gold for free. Coming soon to the game, also, is a combos area, where you can manage special combo attacks.


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