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Go Go Fast – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Go Go Fast is a new endless driving game for the iOS and Android platforms, and this game contains quite a few twists. The object of the game, at least when you begin, is to drive your scooter around, collecting gas cans and making as many deliveries as you can. You can unlock new characters, and as you unlock them, the object of the game changes. Read on for some tips and tricks for Go Go Fast!

Holding down on the left side of the screen makes you move left, and holding on the right side of the screen makes you move to the right. When you drop off a delivery, you will automatically leave the delivery zone facing straight forward, so if you have something immediately in front of you or you have a gas can that you need to get, be prepared and hold the turn button down.

At the end of every round, you can earn free hearts (the currency of the game) by hitting the “Make it Rain” button. Once you hit this button, a video will play, and when the video is done, hearts will rain down and you will have to tap them as quickly as you can. Tap on the screen with as many fingers as possible, so that you can collect the most hearts that you can. And die instantly to cause make it rain to pop up instantly.

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Do this until you have enough hearts to buy a new character or vehicle. Some of the vehicles will have different objectives, but the same method of gameplay. For example, the cute couple and the gamer girl will stop in the green boxes, but for different reasons, such as to go on dates or to play arcade games.

Other characters will completely change the way that the game is played. The grumpy goat, for example, regains stamina from ramming into people and objects, and loses stamina far more quickly. No fuel is needed for animals, of course. The persistant police’s goal is to ram the robbers as many times as possible.

In addition, each character also has their own stats relating to speed, durability, and turning, so check the stats before you buy. A bigger character is also a bigger target, so they will be able to pick up the fuel more easily, but they will also crash into other people and objects more easily. Beneficial if you are an animal, not so much if you are a car or bike.