Godus – Glitch and cheats for unlimited followers and gems

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Godus is Peter Molyneux’s addicting new “god game” for the iOS, Android, and various PC platforms. Your goal is to get as many followers as possible so that you can build your town into the biggest and most advanced country possible. Gems (AKA Diamonds) are the premium currency of the game, and depending on whether you play on the PC or mobile, they work quite a bit differently (due to lack of IAPs on the PC version). Read on for a cheat to get unlimited diamonds and unlimited followers in Godus!

First for the method to get unlimited gems. The first thing you have to do is find the Pit of Doom in the PC, Mac and Linux version, or find the Temple of Doom in the mobile version (this one is found later on in the game). The purpose of this building is that if you send a follower in, you get a gem, unless they get killed by the Astari. Then you won’t earn anything.

Next, unlock the swamp spell by getting enough stickers and putting them on the swamp card. Once you have the swamp-making god power, then go to the Astari’s camp (it’s to the northeast of where your beginning area is) and wait for them to have a festival. Watch the path that they all take. Stick swamps in their path for the next festival and watch them all drown until the Astari are finally completely eradicated.

Finally, once you do this, send your followers into the temple or the pit of doom, and the Astari won’t be there to stop them anymore, so you can get unlimited gems as often as you want. Send the followers from your smaller huts, so that they regenerate faster after you expend them. Note that this will decrease your happiness, so be sure to build trees and beautify, and make it rain in order to keep your followers happy.

Now for the unlimited followers trick. You’ll want to do this before you build your first farm or mine but after you unlock the settlements. First, build a normal settlement. Build it out of something like 10 abodes put together so that it’s wide enough to do the rest of the trick.

Now, normally, when you use the settlement power on the settlement plus other abodes, it will get wider and taller. First, though, surround your first settlement with trees using God Seeding, then build abodes and absorb them with the settlement power. Your settlement will grow taller, but not wider. This will keep happening until your settlement hits an absolutely ridiculous height. Eventually you will be stopped from doing this again by a natural stopping point. At this point either build a new settlement or delete the trees and widen it a bit, then build new trees and keep adding height.

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