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Stop your followers from leaving and steal followers from the Astari tribe, too, and your bar will fill up faster. You can do this by using God Seed and Purity Rain as well as beautifying your land, which makes followers insanely happy. Ramp it up especially during Astari festival season so that they don’t steal your followers. The higher your happiness bar, the more followers you take from them.

Get tons of stickers, too, from various events such as the voyage. Winning the voyage is fairly easy – simply go in with enough blessings to move the land around, and make a route that your followers can easily find and travel until they all get to the temple. And block off all routes that don’t go there because your followers are stupid, and will try every wrong path before trying the right path.

Other events can bring you stickers too, and as the game gets updated and gets more new limited edition and celebratory stuff added, more events will continue to appear. These will be one of your best sources for stickers. Another source is to purchase the stickers in the in app purchase store in exchange for gems.

Gems and stickers can both be found for free in chests that are strewn about the land. Typically, it will be a wooden box holding the gems, and a golden box will be holding the stickers. Also, the sticker boxes will have the previously-mentioned glow over them, while the boxes that are holding the gems won’t have that glow, thus making them harder to find.

Certain cards can be unlocked that make it very easy to get more gems and stickers. One of them will allow your miners to dig up gems sometimes, instead of ore. Another one will cause you to earn 2x the number of stickers from treasure boxes than you normally would earn.

Send your followers to the pit of doom or the temple of doom (whichever one your version of the game has) to earn free gems. To earn gems the fastest of all, knock out all the Astari people first, and you will be able to do this limitlessly.

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