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When you expand your territory using your beacon, look around, because often you’ll see abandoned mines and farms. All that you have to do to re-activate them is to level out the land enough for your followers to access the land, then start building settlements near the old farms and mines so that you can train farmers who can work them. They’re empty when you find them.

Always leave the space immediately around your settlements open. Keep your farms and mines at least once plot-distance away so that you have room to continue expanding settlements. Build abodes in or on settlements that already exist in order to get more followers without having to spend wheat and ore.

Stuck with little to no space left to work with? The first and obvious solution is to start pulling land up from deep ocean once you unlock that with cards. Aside from that, though, if your settlement has no space for building around it, start using the Finger of God to knock out farms, rebuild the farms farther away, and replace the old farms with abodes. Use settlement powers to suck them in and expand your settlement, or build on top of the settlement to begin with.

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You’ll earn plenty of cards that will buff your output of wheat and ore (and some that will even allow your miners to find gems). You’ll need stickers to activate them, though, so start digging around for chests or going on voyages in order to earn more stickers. Participate in events to earn some stickers as well.

Always be sure to boost your farmers and miners so that they stay working at full capacity, because if their stamina runs out, they will quit working. Keep them happy, too, or they might leave you for the rival tribe. The happier, the harder they work. And collect from your farms and your mines as often as possible to make sure they don’t max out and end up stationary.

Finally, if you really get desperate for wheat and ore, you can go to the in app purchase store and buy them using your gems. It’s too easy to earn them in other ways, though – all it takes is time, and time is worth more than (real-life) money in this game. Keep expanding, planting, and speeding up your mines and farms.

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