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Godus is the long-awaited new god game from Populous and Black and White creater Peter Molyneux and his new small-development studio, 22cans. Like those last two, you play as, of course, the god of the game, and as the almighty deity of Godusville (or whatever you want to call your land), you can do everything from manipulate land so that your followers can build on it, to help your followers win war against other gods’ followers, and even collect power from their belief in you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Godus!

This game is available for mobile, tablet, desktops, and laptops under various OSes and guises. While this trick is untested on Windows/Linux/OSX, you can do the time lapse cheat on Godus on any Android or iOS device. What that means is, simply set the time ahead on your phone or tablet while you’re waiting for your belief to become ready to harvest. Harvest it, then go back and do it all over again.

Or after you make it ready to harvest, go to the game to verify it, then go back to the date and time settings and put the time back to normal. Now go back to Godus and if it was ready to harvest after you did this cheat, it will still be ready to harvest. So you can do this trick as many times as you want without worrying about distorting the time on your device too badly.

You earn new cards whenever you build enough new abodes to fill the follower bar, and you earn stickers, which are used for activation of the cards, from finding chests and going on voyages. Find the chests by searching around the map area. Eventually, you’ll run out of chests to find, but as time goes by, more will appear. Some of them will appear instantly when you do the time lapse cheat.

With voyages, your followers need to make it to the temple. The only problem is that your followers tend to be fairly stupid, so you will have to manipulate them into following your designated path. Make the steps up and down as straightforward for them as possible and, if possible, very wide. If you can’t make them wide, then blatantly block any incorrect pathways that they keep trying to cross, and provide them with the narrowest path possible.

Keep an eye on your followers when they’re completing tasks. If they stop moving, they might be blocked (requiring you to build a pathway) or the might be completely out of energy. If the latter is the case, tap them and then tap boost to recover them.

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