Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 3

15) Stop the Astari from coming around and bugging you
They’ll often show up, and if you end up in a skirmish, then you’ll need some weaponry in order to get rid of them. Use our god powers. Build swamps to drown them and to block them into their own little area. Use the Finger of God to squish them and burn their settlements. Use the meteorite to wreak havoc on their entire territory once you get to it.

14) Want to get rid of the old abodes that you’ve upgraded past, so that they are now irrelevant?
The main way to do that is to, of course, absorb it into a settlement so that it’s out of the way yet it still gives you population. Otherwise, though, send an act of God – preferably the Finger of God – in order to destroy the old settlement that you want to destroy. Then have a builder build on it again so that your resident total can grow.

13) Use leashing to send builders, farmers and miners to areas that they can’t see.
The way that you do this is to tap and hold on a builder, a farmer, or a minor. Then, when the blue circle pops up, drag them where you want to take them. You can also lasso multiple builders, farmers or miners in order to complete the job even faster.

12) Help your followers get where they’re going in the voyages with some clever editing.
Your followers get lost easily, so sometimes it’s not enough just to create a path for them. When they start getting lost, build more layers of land to block them from accessing alternate paths, so that they don’t get lost and they get to the temples more quickly than before.

11) Voyages reset every day, so go on the old voyages all over again daily.
The more voyages that you go on, the more stickers you’ll earn, and the lands will be the same all over again, so you’ll be able to go in knowing which strategies to use in order to finish them quickly.

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