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5) Don’t forget to boost your builders, farmers and miners.
If your workers run out of stamina, then they will stop working, and even if they don’t entirely run out of stamina, the lowering of the bar will still cause them to work slower. If you notice someone lagging behind, tap them and boost them back to 100 percent and their work will instantly speed up greatly. This has the side effect of keeping them happy, as well.

4) Look around for wooden boxes in order to earn free gems.
Wooden boxes are hidden better than the gold boxes (the ones that contain stickers) because they don’t typically have the confetti flying over them. Search for them by editing random landscapes; when you find one, tap it and you will earn free gems from it.

3) More ways to get free gems
Right now, the only other way to get free gems is to unlock the card that gives your miners the ability to mine for gems. Then maximize your mines. Other than that, though, the only recourse is to buy gems, although keep on the lookout for limited edition events, which can have free gems as one of the rewards.

2) Look around on the map to see where you should go next.
Look at the areas that are not under your control yet to find out where you should use the beacons to expand to next. You can expand towards mountains, beaches, or even towards the Astari village, and if you get that under your control, you can use your god powers to really mess it up.

1) Keep an eye out for new expansions to be added to the game. Check the last card in the card list for a hint about what it is.
Right now, the last card on the list hints that the Iron Age will be added to the game eventually. Depending on when you are reading this article, though, it could be something quite different later on. Eventually, expect future ages such as the Industrial Age, the modern age, and other interesting additions to the lineup.

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