Godus – Top 25 Tips, Tricks, Hints and Cheats, page 4

10) Want to reset the voyages right away? Set the time ahead on your phone or tablet by one day exactly.
Just like with other uses of this trick, it won’t work if you are playing Godus on OSX, Windows or Linux, but it will work if you are playing on iOS or Android. Just set it ahead by one day and then go to the voyage screen and your voyages will be completely reset. Start ’em all over again!

9) Start doing deep-sea editing as soon as possible.
Eventually you’ll unlock the card that allows you to do deep sea grading, which will allow you to turn the entire ocean south of where you started the game into land. This has potential to land you thousands of new residents as well as farms and other goods.

8) After you do god seeding, delete the trees to manipulate the price back down.
The price increases by 10 belief for every tree that you plant, but for every tree that you delete, the price goes back down by the same amount. Happiness does not go down, however. Plant and delete trees over and over to max out happiness on the cheap any time that you want. Keep the trees that are next to your abodes, though, as they speed up the production of belief.

7) Once you are happy with your settlement size, surround it with trees.
Each tree that you put next to your settlement will cause its belief output speed to skyrocket, allowing you to collect from it WAY earlier. If you want to expand it yet again, simply delete the trees and start building more abodes next to it, then bring the trees back after you merge it together again.

6) Put as many builders as possible on a beacon or a big abode.
Putting more builders on something will cause the construction speed to skyrocket. Load up your projects with builders to vastly decrease the time needed to complete them. If your builders are far away, use the leash to make this happen; if not, simply tap any abode that has a solid builder icon above it.

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