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Golden Boot – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Golden Boot is a new goal-kicking competition game for Facebook Messenger by the makers of Top Eleven – Be a Football Manager. Your goal in this game is to try to earn as many points as possible by kicking goals, either in a solo play or in a duel against a friend. You and your friends, or members of a group chat, can compete to see who can earn the highest score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Golden Boot!

You earn fifteen points each time that you kick it into the goal, except when you kick it into one of the special zones. That roaming 25-point circle will earn you 25, of course. You’ll get 75 points when you kick it into the lower-side corner, and 90 points when you kick it into the upper side corners of each goal. The top portion of the middle of the goal is worth 40 points.

After you kick the ball, you can change its trajectory by swiping it. You can swipe it multiple times to cause it to turn even more sharply. Alternatively, you can swipe it in a different direction in order to change its trajectory yet again. Sometimes, an S-shaped trajectory can completely ruin the opposing keeper’s attempt to block you.

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At first, early on in the round, you will have no defenders or goalie to deal with, so this is the perfect time to experiment with your aim and with your swipes. Once the goalie comes around, you can kick in ways which will fool him, but you can still also aim for your corners and have some success, also.

When the defenders start showing up in a line, though, you’ll have a bit of a trickier time. When they show up, kick the ball way off to the side that they’re defending less. Then, swipe the opposite way rapidly to change the trajectory extremely quickly. This will almost always trick the goalie and they will rarely be able to block you, allowing you to get your point total into the thousands.

When you get farther into a game, the one thing that will change is that the 25 point circle will turn into an 80-point circle. It will be the same size but it will be worth more points. Pay attention to where it is so that you can swipe the ball into the circle as often as possible to make for the highest score that you can get.