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Golfing Around: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Golfing Around is a new casual golfing game for the iOS and Android platforms. There’s no frills and almost no extras here, all it consists of is simply top-down golf, and it’s well-done golf as well. You have multiple courses with nine-holes each as well as all sorts of unique challenges. Read on for some tips and tricks for Golfing Around!

You can drive the ball up to where the last yellow dot is on the power gauge without any bending; after you go into the red zone, the bending will happen to indicate curving the ball. You can use the curving to your advantage, and even if you don’t want to curve anything, wait until the gauge waves straight in order to fire the ball.

Tap the map every time before you make a shot. You can move the aiming line from the map, which makes it easier to aim properly because you can aim the line all the way across the length of the hole. You can also look for shortcuts across long holes, especially par 5 ones, in order to go for that eagle (two points under par for the hole).

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Make sure to stay away from the sand traps and from the water, whatever you have to do. It’s almost impossible to make an accurate hit out of the sand traps, as the bar will start waving and turn red right away. Hit it into the water hazard, of course, and you’ll be penalized by one extra shot. So if you hit it into the water on your first shot, then you’ll end up being skipped to your third shot.

As far as putts go, the ground is always flat, so you won’t have to worry about hills. Use the map to aim here too, though, because it can be very easy to either undershoot or overshoot the hole. With the map, you can use the hole itself and the second yellow dot as a gauge to see where you should put it in order to avoid skipping over the hole.

You start the game off with three different courses, and you can unlock more of them. Wait for the developers to release updates for the game in order to see new courses get added. Some of them will be available right away, and some will be available by unlocking them, most likely by beating the starter courses with a score that is under par.