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Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay – How to load up on free coins and gold

Gordon Ramsay DASH is the celebrity-tinged edition to the Dash franchise, replacing Flo with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, who is there to guide you along in a funny and sometimes profane way as you become a star chef on his reality show Rising Star Chefs. Gordon Ramsay DASH has two types of currency. Coins are the primary currency, and are the most common, while gold is the premium currency, and is usually in short supply. Both can be bought with in-app purchases, but you can also earn a lot of free coins and gold without spending any real-life money. Read on to find out how to get free coins and gold in Gordon Ramsay DASH!

The primary way to get free coins is to go to the in-app purchase menu, tab over to the coins menu, and look below all of the purchase options. You will see a Free Coins button, and when you press it, an advertisement video will start. When it’s done, you’ll get a coin bonus. You can watch as many of these videos as you want to.

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Free gold is earned in a similar method. Go to the gold side of the menu and look in the same area. In addition to the video offers, you will get an offer wall by TapJoy. Most of these offers will be free without requiring a credit card, and some of them will even involve watching videos like with the coins.

Other than the offers, a good way to earn free coins or free gold is by completing the trophies. Hit the trophy menu to see what you have to do in order to complete an achievement. Do what you need to, then go back here and claim your trophy prizes in order to get your free coins and/or free gold.

Be sure to connect the game to Facebook in order to earn some quick free gold – ten gold, to be exact. Another way to earn free gold is simply by gaining experience levels – which, by the way, also earns free cash. Experience comes with stars, so go back to old levels that you have one or two stars on and max them out in order to gain more experience.

Be sure to keep the kitchen upgrades and especially the food upgrades going. Kitchen upgrades make it easier to three-star a round faster, and food upgrades simply give you more coins for each item of food that you serve. More coins for less effort!