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Restaurant DASH: Gordon Ramsay – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

Take full advantage of every single one of your storages. There is no penalty for a food getting left in storage. When a round first begins, start cooking everything that you can possibly store before a customer even comes up to one of your barstools. Then when they come up, you will be able to serve them that much more quickly. Start refilling storages again immediately after.

Your condiment stations can double as storages, as well, because a food that is prepped at a condiment station does not go bad. Prep all of the condiment foods that you can at the beginning of the round as well, and restart the condiment dishes as needed. Just as with above, you will be able to serve customers far more quickly. That means more coins and a much easier road to three stars.

Go back to old levels and grind for coins as needed. As a bonus, if you replay a level where you got less than three stars, then you will earn experience points for each additional star that you get. You will also beat the old levels far more quickly, especially if you have been upgrading your individual food items to earn more coins.

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If you have no Facebook but you want to take advantage of the social stuff, start a games-only Facebook account and use it to start adding people as described in page 1. Another good place to look for people is in the fan pages of the game, or in posts on Gordon Ramsay’s official Facebook page about Gordon Ramsay Dash.

Once you complete season 1, the avatar store will open up. When it does, you will be able to purchase new hair, clothing and other appearance-related stuff for your avatar. These purchases will cost a small amount of coins, so know what you want before you purchase something, as coins are generally better used on the upgrades.

Whenever you see Gordon Ramsay get engulfed in flames, tap him and he will turn into Super Gordon and serve all of your customers at rapid speed. Super Gordon will appear more frequently as you make longer queue combos and earn more multiserve bonuses, so do your work as quickly as possible if you want to earn the Super Gordon bonus more often.

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