Grand Theft Auto V Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints and Strategies

Grand Theft Auto V is the latest entry in the 16 year old franchise that stands as one of the most controversial and most popular of all time. GTA V is more accurately described as at least the seventh core entry in the series, counting Vice City and San Andreas. GTA V is, of course, the latest entry in the franchise, and it’s by far the biggest one yet. Read on for some tips and tricks for Grand Theft Auto V!

Each of the three characters, plus your own specially created online character, have a huge number of stats. Special is increased by using their special ability. Stamina is increased by doing cardio (running, swimming, biking) or playing sports. Shooting is increased by making accurate shots or practicing at a shooting range. Strength is increased by working out or playing sports, or fighting.

Stealth is increased by spending time in stealth mode. Flying is increased by spending more time flying. Driving improves by driving, especially by doing tricks like wheelies and jumps. Lung capacity is increased by swimming underwater. All of the above stats can be increased very early on in the game, even to maximum level, just by repeating the actions which improve your stats over and over.

There are a ton of ways to make money in GTA V. Robbing stores and security vans earns cash very quickly. Pulling off heists earns massive amounts of money, but if a heist fails, you’re screwed, so don’t be afraid to spend big on crew members. If you want to go legit with the cash, play the stock market (use real-life stock trading tactics and knowledge of playing the ups and downs). Buy low and sell high.

There are other legit ways to earn money, too. Purchase businesses and start earning money off of them. Find lost and stolen goods using Chop (he can be trained using the Grand Theft Auto: iFruit app on your iPhone, and coming soon to Android or Windows Phone). Challenge people to races and win. Follow question marks on the map to find new random events.

You’ll unlock more missions as you get all three of your playable characters (Franklin, Trevor and Michael). In addition, go to other, non-story places such as websites for sponsors (which can be found in the instruction manual app for GTA V for the iPhone). The Epsilon Program is an example of this.

Call people whose numbers you have if you are bored and looking for missions. Oftentimes, they will have new missions for you. The Social Club has exclusive missions and bonuses, and even allows you to join a social crew. You can sign up for a Social Club account on the iFruit app or online at Rockstar Games’ website.