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Gravity Battle – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Gravity Battle is a new “unofficial” Gundam-based RPG for the iOS platform. Your goal is to battle through round after round of rival mechas, collect various Gundams and load them up with upgrades and other goodies. There is even a social component here where you can add friends and give and receive gifts. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gravity Battle!

There are multiple options to speed up every battle that you engage in, with the chief one being doubling the animation speed. You can skip the entire battle if you want, too, starting at the second turn. You can’t skip during the first turn unless you are VIP-enabled, though, but even just skipping after the first turn is done can speed things up significantly.

When you build up the gems to do so, go to the armory to acquire new Mobile Suits. There are three different options; build up your diamonds so that you can afford the 4-5 star MS summon. You can have up to three at a time in your party, so fill your party with the rarest ones absolutely possible. The common ones (1-3 stars) generally tend to get replaced quickly.

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You have one main character in your party, and it controls how far you can enhance your others. The others can be enhanced by sacrificing MSes that you don’t need anymore or using energy cubes to enhance them one level at a time. Your main character can only be leveled through the experience earned in battle. You can, however, speed that process up not only with skips, but by using your raid tickets to insta-beat levels that you have already three-starred.

Your player level also plays into things; as you gain player levels, you’ll earn free stamina restorations, and unlock all of the locked areas in the main map gradually. Play for as long as you can until you eventually run out of stamina without being able to level up immediately, then use your raid tickets. Once you run out of stamina go check out some of your unlocked areas for extra gameplay e.g. arena battles and raids.

Be sure to add friends. You have a recommended friend list, and you and your friends can send EP back and forth. That EP can be put to special uses, such as MS summons (common summons, though, not usually rare summons). Hit the suggested friend list for an easy way to find people.