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Gravity Square – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Gravity Square is a new endless game for the iOS and Android platforms. This Kongregate game features Atari-esque graphics and extremely challenging gameplay as you try to avoid crashing into walls on your quest to go as far as you can. You can collect coins and unlock new characters as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gravity Square!

The way to know which side to switch your character to is to look at whether your character will be dropping or rising at the next elevation change. If they will be dropping, leave them as is. If they will be rising, then switch them to the other side by tapping on the screen.

The stage will continually twist and turn as you play, but keep focused on the features of the land itself in order to avoid getting too sidetracked by the distracting worlds. Turn the phone as the game screen turns, if you need to, in order to stay focused, but most likely that will be more distracting than just leaving the phone orientation alone.

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Go to the in-app purchase store if you need to get more coins, including more free coins. Watch the video to get free coins once every four hours. You can also buy the double-coin power up to earn coins fast, and to enable the added side effect of taking away all of the mandatory ads from the game.

Earn enough stars and you will be able to go to the character select store and purchase a new character. Most of the characters are available for anywhere from 50 coins for the cheap ones to 6,000 coins for the most expensive ones. Each character plays the same as every other character; they simply give a new appearance and new customization.

If you are logged in on game center, go to the icon to see how you match up against the best players in the world. Currently, the “furthest run” record has been hacked by a total of 3 players, including the infamous Shaky Bird, but go beyond that and you’ll see all of the scores that were real.