Greatfruit Grove Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Greatfruit Grove is a new gardening/farming game for the iPhone from Big Blue Bubble, who is more well known for their original My Singing Monsters game. Greatfruit Grove is much like games such as Dragon City, except replace the dragons with various trees which produce various kinds of fruit. You start off with base level trees, and as you progress the monkeys who do your bidding can splice fruit together to make new and rare saplings, and even buy new groves as the game goes on. Read on for some tips and tricks for Greatfruit Grove!

Your trees all have moods, which will be either neutral, sad, or happy. The game doesn’t tell you how to get happy trees (hello Bob Ross), but the way to do it is to place your tree right next to a decoration (such as the well) and at least two spaces away from any of the dark plants, such as the scary bushes and evil trees. Place the well in a central location that’s far removed from any of the dark plants and surround it with trees to make them happy.

To clear out more space in your island to place trees, there are a few things you can do. Clear out some of the excess basic trees that you don’t need anymore (especially if you have tons of Bulba and Manilow trees) and replace them with rarer trees that you’ve gotten from splicing fruit together. Or move the Nursery or the Monkey Lab Splicer onto the empty spot on the same island that the Cow is on.

Fertilize every tree that you can, and you’ll fill your silo rapidly, which will leave you with an extraordinary amount of fruit. Use this fruit (if it’s not needed for recipes at the time) by donating it to the monkey hotel. Enough donations and you can upgrade the silo, allowing you to hold more fruit. Get more fertilizer by giving the cow fruit – the rarer the fruit, the more fertilizer you get.

If you want to play the game with friends but you have no Facebook or Game Center friends who play Greatfruit Grove, then go to the app store and look on the comments page for other people who have posted their account info, or post yours. Alternatively, post in the comment box below asking people to add you, and add people who have already posted in the comment box below.

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