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Green the Planet: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Green the Planet is a new iOS game that puts you in charge of taking a barren planet and turning it into a green paradise once again. You’ll have a wealth of weapons that you can put to use to decompose comets that fly overhead so that you can collect all manner of slightly absurdist treasure that falls out of them, turn it into energy, and then use that energy to make the planet green. Read on for some tips and tricks for Green the Planet!

All of that energy that you earn can be used not only to green up the planet, but to upgrade your equipment. Weapons, obviously, are first. Cannons can be upgraded, but your best bet is to switch to missiles or lasers. Missiles will automatically aim at the comets while lasers will fire a direct shot right through, allowing for a quick sweep from side to side. Missiles are best for singular, powerful comets while lasers are best for many weaker comets.

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One of the most important upgrades, too, is the collector, which earns energy while you are offline. You can upgrade the speed of earnings as well as the capacity of energy that can be stored before you collect it. In addition, upgrade the comet detectors to get rarer, tougher comets more frequently (these contain more energy).

Upgrading the green level of the planet, though, will cause FAR tougher comets to appear in the sky, with FAR more loot, so the comet detector is merely just the icing on the proverbial cake. The higher your green bar is the more resources you will earn from the comets, by a long shot, so upgrade your green bar as fast as you can (or at least as fast as your weapons levels will allow you to).

Once you green up the planet to 100 percent, the game will restart but you will keep all of the energy that you had before. So when this happens, make sure to use your energy for a quick advantage. Upgrading your weaponry is recommended to begin with because if you green up too quickly you won’t be able to do anything else due to weak weapons.

In addition, once you get your green bar to the high 90s, start saving as much energy as you can so that you can restart with as much excess energy as possible. The more extra energy that you have when you complete the game, the more quickly that you can do it all over again the next time around