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Grid! – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Grid! Is a new game for the iOS and Android where your goal is to place pieces on a board in order to make lines and clear them, like Tetris on steroids. You have multiple game modes, and you can play each of them to try to top different leaderboards. There’s also power-ups that can be purchased, and gold diamond gems that you can use to buy them. Read on for some tips and tricks for Grid!

The classic mode plays very similarly to an older game called 1010 for the iOS and Android platforms. The hustle mode, on the other hand, is that same mode on steroids. In this mode, you only have three seconds per piece, and if you don’t put down a piece in three seconds, you lose the round. However, in this and other game modes, you can restart the game by watching an ad video when the offer appears.

In the rotate mode, it plays very similarly to classic mode, except that you can actually rotate your piece before you put it down. You can rotate it as many times as you want, and there is no time limit, making this actually the easiest mode in the whole game. Do this if you are having too tough of a time with the other modes.

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Gold gems, or diamonds, are the premium currency in the game, meaning that normally, you have to pay real-life money in order to get them. Go to the IAP store though, and you can earn them for free. Simply tap the bottom option, a video will play, and then when the video is done, the free diamonds or gems will be yours.

You can use the gems to buy two types of power ups when you run out. One of them allows you to reload the entire next-tile list. The bomb power-up, however, is better, as it will blow up every tile on the board AND reload the list of next-tiles. Use the bomb more sparingly as you have less of them to begin with.

Start on the very edges of the board and work your way inward only when necessary. This will help prevent isolated empty blocks from getting out of control, and it will make it much easier to keep the board clear. Keeping the board as empty as possible is more important than making a bunch of lines at once like Tetris, and in the long run you will end up with a higher score this way.