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Guardian Codex – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Guardian Codex is a new mobile RPG for the Android and iOS platforms by Square Enix. The sequel to Guardian Cross, this game will have you hunting Guardians and saving towns, as well as going through dialogue to give the proper responses. You can earn credits and unlock rare 4, 5, and 6-star guardians. There is even a cooperative multiplayer battle mode in this game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Guardian Codex!

Your initial draw might be crap in this game, but you also stand a shot at drawing some of the rarest guardians on the very first shot. The slow way to reroll is to delete and reinstall the app. Just don’t bind to your Game Center account. The quick way, when played on a rooted phone or an emulator, is to use a root browser, go to the shared files area of the game folder and either delete the save, or rename it if you want to keep it as a backup.

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You stand a good chance at getting loads of rare guardians early in the game by using all of your credits, so you can reroll after this point too if you don’t like what you get. If you just want to play the game though, focus on your 3 rarest or favorite draws and start leveling them up and powering them up. Go from battle to battle, as the further you get, the more you earn from each battle. Later, when you want to level up a lagging guardian, add it to the party along with higher-level guardians.

You can unlock guardian evolution and guardian creation by using your skill points on the Scientist skills. Guardian evolution lets you add one to the star rarity of a guardian if you have all of its fragments. Guardian creation lets you spawn a new guardian if you have 10 of its fragments. Fragments can be earned from battles and events.

You won’t need any skill points, however, to unlock Rebirth and to add items to your guardians. Adding items lets you use Life Stones, Strength Stones, Guardian Stones and other stones to boost the individual stats of your guardians. Rebirth allows you to take two duplicate Guardians and add a new type to one of them while sacrificing the other one. New types (e.g. Brave) come with their own stat boosts.

There is almost always a huge amount of events going on, but you need event vouchers to play them. The famous silver slimes and gold slimes are back in this game, and you can go to those dungeons to load up, although you can also find them randomly throughout ordinary battles as well.