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Guardian Cross for iOS: How to get free special hunting tickets

In Guardian Cross, there are two different types of hunting tickets. The first one is the very common standard hunting ticket. This one is a common drop that you’ll find almost everywhere, and it gives you a 60 second pass into the normal hunting range. However, the special hunting ticket is much less common, and for good reason – it lets you into the special part of the hunting range, where you find nothing but rare and super rare guardians. You can get them without having to spend any Coins to do so, but they’re rare. Read on to find out how to find them!

One way to find them is, surprisingly enough, during the normal scenarios and missions. Randomly, you can find them in treasure chests. In addition, when you beat an enemy, especially a boss, you have a somewhat decent chance of earning them as a reward, especially as a drop.

When you play in the coliseum, check out the rewards area to see what the rewards are for various ranks. If you achieve at least a B rank in the coliseum, you can earn 2 special hunting tickets as a bonus after the tournament is over. If your rank is too high, though, you won’t earn the special hunting tickets (although you will earn a super rare 5-star guardian instead)

If you have enough friend points, you can also trade them in for a special hunting ticket. Friend points can be earned by adding friends in the social menu and by waging mock battles with them. If you earn 1,500 friend points, you can then trade in those friend points for one special hunting ticket.

Last, but not least, the special hunting passes can also be earned as a reward for completing a certain mission or a certain sub-mission. However you earn them, use them to stock up on rare cards, finish up monster collections, and make your deck far more powerful.

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