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Guardian Hunter – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Guardian Hunter is a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This so-called “Super Brawl RPG” puts you in control of three characters – a main character, a lead helper, and a helper to the helper – for the purpose of questing through level after level and enemy after enemy, killing them all and earning a huge variety of new equipment and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Guardian Hunter, the Super Brawl RPG!

Even if you set the game into auto battle mode, make sure that you use the various skills manually, too. Even your main attack will be fired a whole lot more quickly by tapping than by letting auto battle take care of it all. And your helpers might not use their skills in the best places, so use the skills manually in order to fix that.

You can give new equipment to your main character, so make sure that you give her whatever the best equipment is, even if the current stats are lower but the base stats are higher. If the base stats are higher then that means that improving the equipment will have a far greater effect on it.

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Make sure to put the rarest of your leaders into your active party. If you have a bunch of spare helpers that you have no use for, then your best bet would be to sacrifice them in order to level up your rarest leader. If you have a certain mix of helpers, you can also evolve your leader into something far, far stronger.

You can put other players’ leader cards into your helper slots, but oftentimes the selection will be very weak, and you won’t be able to find a good one to pick. If this keeps happening, simply pick your own helper card, upgrade it a few times with unwanted guardians, and it will be better. Not only will it be better, but other players may pick it as their helpers too, giving you extra rewards.

When you get to a tough boss, concentrate your fire on the boss, and not on the surrounding smaller monsters. Once you beat the boss, all of the other little monsters will be beaten as well. If you need to level up some more before you go into a boss battle, play older rounds over and over to gain more experience, and to gain more guardians and equipment.