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Guardian Stone: Second War – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Guardian Stone: Second War is a new game by NHN Entertainment for the iOS and Android platforms. This unique mobile RPG combines active time battle systems with unique methods of selecting special moves, making for a surprisingly engaging battle system. And as is the norm with mobile RPGs, you can collect and select from a ton of different characters to make a completely unique party. Read on for some tips and tricks for Guardian Stone: Second War!

One thing to remember in battle is that different moves and characters have different elements. They are either stellar, lunar or solar. Stellar is strong against lunar, lunar is strong against solar, and solar is strong against stellar, so for the attacks that have a specific elemental attached to them, keep that in mind when targeting specific enemies.

Use the special moves to kick off a battle in order to do massive damage, especially the moves with splash damage, but when you get to the end of the battle and you don’t need the extra high damage anymore, use the regular move which has a cooldown rate of 0.

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Once you hit level 10 you will unlock the auto-battle mode. If you get stuck in a particular area of the game go back to old battles and auto-battle your way through them until you run out self out of energy. This will earn you significantly more gold coin and experience points for your characters. Or go find a new quest to do, take on the quest and earn the rewards from that.

Runes are the equipment for your guardians, and matching the right runes with the right guardians can significantly increase their stat potential. Guardian shards can be used to make new guardians in the shine, so grinding levels and doing special events can be a great way to rack those up as well.

A two star guardian can make your entire party a lot more powerful. Complete all three trophies per level in every level of a particular stage, and you will get the stage’s two-star guardian as a reward. Do this for stage after stage and load up on two star guardians to make a very powerful party.