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Guide to Airport Scanner for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Airport Scanner might be a first of its kind in the history of gaming. Airport Scanner is a new app for the iPhone and the iPod Touch that turns the life of a TSA agent into a game, putting you in the roll of a TSA agent whose job is to screen people’s luggage at the airport, and catch anything that’s illegal and that could be dangerous on the flight.

After you either tap someone’s bag because it has something illegal in it, or ignore their bag because it has nothing illegal in it, swipe their bag to the right to make it cross the conveyor belt faster and to get the next passenger up the conveyor belt more quickly.

When you’re doing the bonus round at the end of the game, while tough justice can often earn you the most money, it can often earn you a negative amount of money when all is said and done due to the money that you end up owing back to those who sue. Your best bet for a consistant payout is to go with fair justice, which usually pays a decent amount (easy justice pays very, very little).

If you need to take a better look at the bag, swipe backwards with it to stop it from leaving the scanner, so that you can look at it again. Don’t take too long, though, because you are under a time limit when you are playing, and if you don’t finish the stage in time, you won’t be able to dole out justice at the end of the stage and earn those extra X-ray Bucks.

The more accurately you can scan bags and determine which ones do and do NOT have illegal items in, the more X-ray Bucks you’ll earn even without doling out justice. Scan all of the bags correctly without tapping any bags that are 100 percent legal, or letting a bag with a bad object in it slide through, and you’ll be golden.