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Guide to Arms Cartel Revenge for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Arms Cartel Revenge is the third game in the Arms Cartel series by Pixel Addicts. You run a mafia whose main source of income is trafficking weapons, intimidation and other sorts of jobs, and your goal is to complete missions around the world, battle against other cartels, join a clan and engage in clan warfare, and to become the top cartel in the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Arms Cartel Revenge!

Growing the size of your cartel is the main way to become stronger and more powerful in battles, and luckily, it is fairly easy to do. The quickest way to grow your cartel is to go to the Cartel menu, head to the Invite VIPs section, and start adding all of the VIPs to your cartel. This takes very little work on your part, but most other players don’t do it.

Everyone in your cartel should have their own weapon, armor and vehicle as well. Vehicles are expensive (fairly), but weapons and armor are not that expensive, so go to the store and buy some equipment for everyone so that your attack and defense skyrocket in comparison to other players.

As soon as you can start building in your city, start building weapons storage facilities. They are the cheapest relative to how much cash they earn you, and while the price increases 100 dollars each time, it’s still worth it for what you earn, and each storage facility doesn’t take up any extra space in your city, so you can stack a ton of them on top of each other for maximum profit.

Spend your skill points on your energy and stamina so that you can do more battling and complete more jobs. Don’t bother spending it on attack and defense, since it’s so easy to increase your attack and defense just by increasing the size of your cartel and buying better equipment for them.