Guide to Army Men Strike – Top Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

By | April 19, 2018

Army Men Strike is a new MMORTS game for the iOS and Android platforms featuring those little green men that you played with as a kid. Your goal is to take over the bedroom, then the house, then other houses in the neighborhood. You can train all kinds of troops, construct all kinds of different military machines (planes, tanks, etc), and collect paint, plastic, gold, and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Army Men Strike!

The quests can earn you all kinds of rewards, and they’re useful to follow not only during the tutorial, but all throughout the game. Not only do the quests lead you to where you’re supposed to go and what you’re supposed to do next, but they earn you all kinds of rewards. If you’re worried about attack from other players, though, then you can let the rewards build up and not collect them until you really need them.

During battle, use your commanders’ skills to target the mortars, gun towers, and other attacking buildings before you send your troops out to attack. The more damage you do beforehand, the more health you can save for your troops, which will allow you to do more damage. When you do send your troops in, send the high-HP ones in first (such as tanks) and the troops behind them, so that the tanks can absorb the damage and the troops can attack from behind them.

Make sure to keep your defenses upgraded as high as you can. You’ll have to go outside of the quests to do this, sometimes, because your quests are a little bit more tilted toward attacking rather than defending. Tap the defensive line and upgrade it so that you can better ward off other players when they attack you.

Tap on the robot in the upper left corner of your base in order to see a comprehensive help menu for the game. You’ll get to see a tutorial on everything, from in-app payments to various buildings to information about the battlefield and the actual components of battling.

Keep increasing your HQ level, as when you do, you will unlock new gameplay modes as well as new buildings for your base. Your HQ usually takes longer to upgrade than other buildings do, so you won’t get the five-minute speed-up, so set your HQ upgrade right before you go to log off for the night (or for any other long period of time). Then, when you come back, you will have an upgraded HQ to work with.