Guide to Battle Pirates for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

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Battle Pirates is a real time strategy game by Kixeye, the same folks behind the smash hit game Backyard Monsters. The premise behind the games is similar, in which you build up your own island base, mine resources, and build up your fleet, and use your fleet to attack other players’ fleets and islands, raiding them and taking their resources. Like Backyard Monsters, it starts fast, plays fast and can be a tough game to progress in. So here are some tips to get you going and turn you into a killer Pirate captain.

There’s a chat box in the game that players can use to talk to each other. However, sometimes you only want to talk to one other player and have no other players be able to see the conversation. There are two ways to make this happen. The first way is to type “/w playername-codenumber” and then your message – for example, “/w JackSparrow -1233445433 how are you today” would mean that only JackSparrow could see your question. The other way is simply to use Facebook messenger if the other player is your ally, because if they are, they’re already on your friends list to begin with.

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Be sure to use the “close enough” speed-up power up whenever you have some kind of construction going that takes 5 minutes or less to complete. Whenever you have something that takes 5 or less minutes to complete, you can speed it up for free and DRAMATICALLY speed up your game. This is excellent for repairing fleets, as there is a cheat for that. When repairing ships, take ships out of your fleet until the total repair time drops to 5 minutes or less, then start the repair and use the “close enough” power-up. Then remove them and add more damaged ships to the fleet until you hit 4 or 5 minutes for repair time, start the repair and do it all over again.

Your most important buildings to protect are in order: your outpost, your warehouses, and your resource collectors (zynthium processors, mines, oil rigs and wind farms). Your best trick for protecting them is to stick all of them on one single side of the island, and then load that side of the island up with walls and defensive gun turrets and howitzers and other weapons, and anti weapon defenses. Leave the rest of the island blank, because your attackers won’t be able to get to your buildings from there. If your resources, your outpost and your warehouses are heavily guarded enough, potential attackers will simply up and leave due to your resources being too heavily guarded, or they will invade but sustain far more damage than they would otherwise.

Always make sure to collect from your resource collectors often, because a fully-loaded resource collector makes a very attractive target for potential attackers.

When you attack Draconion ships or salvage fleets, you can either control your own ships or you can sit back and let the battle play out. Your advantage to controlling the battle is that you can have all of your ships target one enemy ship. Taking out enemy attackers one by one mitigates potential danger to your fleet, since the quicker you take out opposing ships, the less overall damage you take. This works for attacking other bases, too – take out their howitzers, anti-missile defensive units, and anything else that can hurt your ships first, and then concentrate on looting their resources – unless, of course, you know that your fleet is going to get crushed quickly and you just want to destroy one or two resource buildings before you get creamed.

If you are trying to capture a Draconion salvage or mine, and you lose the battle, fight them again. The first time you face their fleet it will be at full health, but the second time you face them, their fleet will be damaged from the previous battle. Keep on fighting them and fighting them until they get creamed for good.

Split your fleet into two groups – a short range fleet and a long range fleet. The short range fleet should be more heavily armored, and be equipped with fast- firing, short-range weapons. This will be used to attack other fleets, as short range weapons are best against moving targets. Your second fleet should be a group of ships that are loaded with long-range mortars and other long range weaponry. This fleet is for attacking islands. Long range weapons are best for stationary targets because they fire slowly, too slow to hit ships, but they do a high amount of damage with each hit, and they can fire out of range of some of the shorter-range defensive units on an enemy’s island.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post them as comments!

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